Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun Cake Ideas for Children

While I enjoy cooking and consider myself a good cook, I do not consider myself a gourmet or fancy cook. One of the things I want to learn in this life is how to decorate cakes. Even with my lack of ability I can turn out some cute cakes in my opinion. Sometimes things just take some creativity.

For her fifth birthday a couple of years ago, my daughter Cara wanted a doughut cake. Um .. yeah. I was trying to figure out how to do that one. Then I came across this idea.

I used a spring-form pan for the cake. That created my hole in the center. Pouring the cake batter in a greased, round pan with an oven-safe glass (also greased) in the middle would work too. I then heated some chocolate frosting (I am terrible at frosting a cake) and poured it over the finished cake. Adding the candy sprinkles gave it the finishing touch. I then just decorated the plate (an old microwave plate-carousel-thing) with other doughnuts. The worst part was keeping out little fingers. If you look at the swipe in the front, I didn't quite manage that.

For Cara's & Joanna's joint party this past summer, one wanted a chocolate cake with worms and the other a garden cake. I went with cupcakes and came up with this cute idea to appease both girls. I used Mike & Ikes as well as gumdrops for the petals. The gumdrop petals were cut in half top-to-bottom. The boys at the party loved the worms while the pretty flowers appealed to the girls. Everyone was happy and achieved a sugar rush.

For a dirt and worm cake in the past I have also used pretzel sticks for twigs, Whoppers for rocks and crushed Oreos for dirt. Gummy worms and bugs add the finishing touches. I also had the children decorate the cake themselves as a party activity. This was their masterpiece. They were so proud.