Sunday, November 9, 2008

High expectations

I've seen it time and time again during my 10years online. Mothers bashing other moms because of what they create or not create in their kitchens. After all if it's not fresh, healthy, made from scratch and with tons of variety...You must not love your family very much. I know for myself I can even cause myself to fall into this trap. The media doesn't help either. How many commercials or shows feature that perfect meal made by the loving mom? Her love just pouring right out of everything on the table. But the kids don't care about any of that! They just want something they enjoy eating and filling.

Yesterday was one of those days that proved the last statement. According to my menu we were to have homemade bean and bacon soup with store bought french bread. (Maybe eventually I'll try to make it at home). Between running and putting away groceries the day just got away from me. So I was left with that dreaded question at 5pm...What's for dinner? I decided to go with quick. I defrosted a package of cocktail wieners that was in the freezer, put on a pan of water to make boxed mac and cheese and opened a few cans of corn. The reaction would've left you thinking I never feed these kids at all!!! They were clamoring for everything but especially the boxed mac and cheese and corn. I had to remind them that there were a lot of us and they couldn't take as much as they wanted. They must have used a fair amount of restraint since there was enough for them to come back for 2nds and 3rds...and they did! I heard...THANK YOU MOM!...a lot. Every dish was almost licked clean.

Some of my kids favorite meals are one dish wonders or convenience foods.....spanish rice, chicken and gravy over boxed mashed potatoes, cowboy beans, and spaghetti with canned sauce. The fact that it's not a masterpiece in presentation, isn't totally nutritionally rounded or I didn't spend hours preparing it doesn't lessen the taste of these. And it certainly doesn't mean I love my children less or that I'm less of a mother because I whole heartily serve these dishes...sometimes often! Give yourself and your fellow moms a break.


Denise said...

Some of my families favorite meals are "simple" things, usually made from opening several boxes & cans. I agree the media causes unrealistic expectations about what a family meal should look like, maybe because they don't realize that us stay at home moms have a lot more responsibility than just cooking.

Lisa said...

I sooo understand. If I'm tired and just make ramen noodles it's a cause for celebration? We had a good lunch yesterday so I gave them cheese or peanut butter on saltines for dinner. I actually heard a "yippee".

Mirz said...

When I tell the kids we're having frozen pizzas, you'd think we hit the lottery! DIY Noodles (just a huge pot of egg noodles and sauce of their choice) and they are doing cartwheels. I guess this just goes back to the fact that simple can be better. Certainly something to be remembered as people struggle against rising grocery prices!

Christina said...

I agree.