Thursday, November 6, 2008

October 2008 Kitchen Challenge Results!

The current Kitchen Challenge dared participants to create a full day of meals on $10 (for an average family) or $15 (for a 6+ people family). Full details on the challenge can be found here.

We had some great submissions, and were delighted to have a few international entries! Here is the rundown of submissions:

• Denise from *F*O*O*D*

• Jodie from HomeSweetHome

• Ranae at Cornbread and Cookies

• Lisa at The Joy of Six

• Sally/mini-mug's entry can be found here

• The Official LOK entry can be found on here

• Michelle at Coffee and Chaos

• Kim from Growlies for the Gang. -- Kim was a bit late, but she put a great twist on her entry. For anyone really struggling to see if they can feed a large family on less, this is a must-read.

And the winner is...

LISA at The Joy of Six. It was a hot competition. However, Lisa made an effort to do a balanced, 5-a-day, type menu. I think there is a perception that you cannot be frugal grocery-wise and still eat healthy. I this Lisa's entry shows that eating on a tight budget does not necessarily mean you'll be eating non-nutritious food.

I do want to state that it was a close race, and Jodie's entry was a close runner-up. We loved the cultural lesson with the entry!

I wanted to also give a special nod to the official LOK entry. This was an entry I came up with, but I got so much feedback about people wanting to try the taquitos, so apparently it was a hit with our readers.

Congratulations to all that played! Lisa will be getting a cute badge to put on her blog. Our next Challenge will be in December, though because of the holiday, we are considering a mid-month start (mid-November, to mid-December). Stay tuned for more details.


Anne said...

I just looked them all over and they're all great!