Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cooking with a bug in mind

It's a sure menu buster...a stomach bug running through the house. And this time of the year is prime time for it. I don't know about anyone else but around here as soon as someone starts vomiting...the menu goes out the window. There are SO many things that I don't trust in tummies that may not continue to hold it's contents. You can't selectively feed the meals you'd planned. Someone who seems perfectly fine this minute may be the one with a bucket in hand the next.

So what to do? One of the first things is to cut the three C's...Crunchy, chewy and chunky. Out goes the popcorn, hot dogs and spaghetti. In goes the light soups, mashed potatoes, sandwiches and cereal. Dairy heavy dishes are out too, although cereal is the exception here. I also try to stay away from family favorites, even if they don't fall into the three C's and are deemed "safe". This is based solely on my personal experience of banning canned raviolis from my presence for over 25yrs after my first case of carsickness when I was tween. I'd hate to have one of our loved meals suddenly become something they loathe. One of the best things to serve is breakfast for dinner...pancakes, french toast, waffles (breaking the dairy rule and served toped with ice cream) oatmeal, homefries, scrambled eggs. Just steer clear from the greasy stuff like sausage and bacon. :o(

We can't forget the kids who are sick. Our main food of choice once someone's become a vicitm of the bug is...soda!!! Mostly it's lemon-lime and ginger ale. I know some people swear by cola and as a kid I was given cola syrup as a tummy calmer (used to be bought over the counter but had to get it from the pharmacist) but I prefer the clear non staining varieties. I don't do juices like some doctor's suggest because my kids are sensitive to them. It tends to give my younger kids diarrhea and a rash. It's also good to make sure the freezer has popsicles and the fridge has jello (which means mom has to have her act together and remembers to make it).

Once the bug starts to let up we start trying to add solids...bananas, applesauce, toast of the BRAT diet doctors recommend. I don't include rice in there as I consider it something chunky. We also add back in the good bacteria with yogurt.

I probably should've listened to my own advice and not served the BBQ cocktail weenies for dinner last night. And now I'll have to go to the store and stock up on some of the above mentioned things. Hopefully the deviation from OUR menu plan is short and painless.


Denise said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need to stock up on 2 liter bottles of lemon lime soda....the bug is going around our elementary school. No telling when my kids will bring it home to share.

I hope your bug is gone quickly.