Monday, June 8, 2009

Experimenting with menus

I am going to be trying a little experiment with my menu planning style. For this month (and into the next I guess) I am going to make a two week basic menu (and their will be repeats, trust me) and we'll just repeat for the second half of the month. I know, people have said to do things like this before, but I'm slow at catching on LOL!

I loath making a menu every week, after doing the same thing for weeks on end I feel a tremendous pressure to change things up and impress my family (this is all in my head btw - they're happy to eat whatever they don't have to make themselves).

SO, tell me how do you plan your menus? or do you even bother?


Courtney said...

Here's one of my meal plans I posted on my site:

I have made an excel spreadsheet and I enter breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks in. It's so easy to prepare the night before when I can quickly see what we are having for breakfast etc.

I answered questions about my meal plan here:

Hope these help!

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

I plan my menus every week based on what's on sale. I'm too cheap to buy, say, blsl chicken breast when it isn't on massive sale.

Eclectic_VT said...

I have a template for planning in 14 day blocks because I always grocery shop on payday...I'm paying off even tho i make decent money..i liv epaycheck to paycheck. Anyway, I'm looking at increasing hte size of my family from 3 to 7 on every other weekend of the month, and my own children are not always here, sometimes they are with their Dad...each night shows hwo many people are eating!! It works for me...and it's not a big deal when i switch up one night for another..or have more/less leftovers than expected.