Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Depression-Era Cooking

Even though we are technically *just* in a recession, many economists say that the U.S. is actually experiencing a depression. There are people who are scraping to simply put food on the table, not to mention trying to keep a roof over their heads. How does one survive? Many lessons can be learned from looking to our past, to the last time our country went through this.

Clara is a 93 year old woman who lived through the Great Depression. She talks of having very little to eat. Dinners consisted of a hearty helping of starch (usually pasta), veggies, and a small amount of meat. Sound familiar? Yes, large families eat like that often, even during good times. Nevertheless, Clara has created a series of YouTube videos showcasing recipes her family enjoyed during hard times. The recipes themselves are only part of the charm. Her musings of days goneby are reason enough to watch the videos.

I'm linking episode 1 in the series below. To view the rest, visit Clara's YouTube Channel HERE.