Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cooking with the kids!

When the weather turns cold, everyone in my house seems to get cranky. Baking treats is one of my favorite ways to cure that crankiness (at least temporarily) and involving the kids in the actual making of the treats not only cuts down on their boredom, but is GREAT family time as well.

When I first started baking with my kids, I found it easiest to stick to simple recipes or even boxed mixes. My tweens have recently graduated to being able to bake with their younger sisters.

The tweens read the directions & add the ingredients while the younger kids wait, not so patiently, for their turn to stir. When it's ready to go in the oven, I take over for a few minutes, but the tweens keep track of how long it needs to bake & soon we have a piping hot treat that everyone is sooo PROUD to have helped make!

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